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Bobby McCallister on Jack & Bobby

Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman

Birthday: Jan. 19

Hometown: Beverly Hills

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Logan Lerman makes his television debut as Bobby McCallister, a bright young boy with a big heart who desperately tries to keep the peace between his mother and his older brother in The WB's Jack & Bobby.

Born and raised in Beverly Hills, California, Lerman's desire to act was ignited after seeing a Jackie Chan movie at age 2 1/2. After the movie, he announced to his mother that he was going to be an actor. Shortly after making his decision, Lerman landed an agent at the age of 4 and booked two commercials back-to-back, earning his SAG card in the process.

Lerman made his feature film debut playing William, Mel Gibson's youngest son in The Patriot. His next role was in the feature film Riding in Cars With Boys. His performance caught the attention of the producers of the CBS Hallmark Hall of Fame television movie A Painted House, and they cast Lerman in the starring role. Lerman's most recent performance in The Butterfly Effect was critically acclaimed.

When not working, Lerman is an avid soccer and baseball player. When time permits in his busy schedule, Logan plans on taking tennis lessons. When not involved in team sports, Lerman likes to play with his two dogs. Currently, Lerman resides in Beverly Hills
with his family.