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Jack and Bobby

Sure, it was cancelled. But it was also a full season -- 22 episodes -- of some of the best, most intelligent television out there. And we can say that now because once you get canned that fast, you become an instant cult-classic. So here it is...
Ever sit with one of your friends and say, "Y'know what would be a good idea for a TV show...?" Well, bestselling author Brad Meltzer did just that with friend and fellow co-creator Steve Cohen to come up with the idea for "Jack & Bobby," the critical darling of a TV show that ran in from 2004-2005 on the WB.

The original idea for "Jack & Bobby" was simple, but incredibly unique: Jack and Bobby are two brothers (not the Kennedys) —one of whom will be the President of the United States. He'll be the leader of the free world. He'll make the world's toughest decisions. And he'll be the world's most powerful man. That's when he's President. Right now, though—he's just a teenager.

Throughout each episode, "Jack & Bobby" follows this young boy who will one day be President. Needless to say, the boy has no idea of his destiny. But the audience does. Set in the current day, the show uses flash-forward interviews with the future President's staff and confidantes to show us the greatness this boy will one day find. From boyhood, to the world's most powerful man. It's an idea we've gotten away from, especially in these volatile times. But it's an idea Brad and Steve were determined to bring us back to: the simple American concept that anyone can be President.
Welcome to "Jack & Bobby."

Armed with this incredible idea and their stunningly realized characters, Brad and Steve pitched the show to Tommy Schlamme of "The West Wing," who became executive producer. They were then paired with the fantastic executive producer/creator of "Everwood," Greg Bertlanti (check out his movie, The Broken Hearts Club -- and of course check out Everwood -- for a real treat), Micky Liddell (all around great guy and also a stand-up comic), and the incredible Vanessa Taylor, also of Everwood, who's one of the kindest people around.

With the amazing talents of Christine Lahti, Matt Long, Logan Lehrman, Jessica Pare, John Slattery, and the best writers in show business (yes, we said it), "Jack & Bobby" became a reality. In the end, sure, "Jack & Bobby" was cancelled, but for those 22 episodes, those fictional brothers were truly alive. Thanks to all who tuned in. It meant more than you know.